WE BELIEVE IT'S IMPORTANT TO GIVE BACK. At Big Apple Bagels® and My Favorite Muffin® we take pride in our sense of community – both within the ranks of our corporate staff and through the owners and countless employees of our local franchises. We believe it is both important and good business to give back to the cities and towns in which our products are sold. Our culture is one of full participation in the fabric of the communities that we serve. That is why it is not uncommon for our independent store owners to sponsor civic and charitable events that help support their communities. Both BAB owners and employees actively reach out and support friends and neighbors in their local communities across the country. This measure of engagement can range from sponsoring youth sports teams, school activities and events to charitable contributions. An example of this commitment to “Give Back” is reflected in the story of one independent BAB franchisee who every night donates all unsold bagels from his stores to a local homeless shelter. In the past nine years his stores alone have quietly and without recognition given over one million bagels to help feed individuals within their communities who might otherwise go without.

It’s that kind of commitment to support and engage in the cities we serve that makes our restaurants the special organization that they are. We are most proud of the contributions to community that our independent owners continuously embrace. Our reputation for helping to make a difference in the lives of others is one of our proudest accomplishments and firmly grounded at the core of our corporate culture.


RAISE DOUGH COMMUNITY FUNDRAISING PROGRAM! Jumpstart your fundraising program with something new! Our fundraiser program is your turnkey solution to fundraising. Let us sponsor your organization at our restaurant. When your supporter presents the fundraiser flyer for your organization, we will donate a percentage of the proceeds from their purchase to your organization. It's just that easy!

How It Works:

  1. Call or visit a participating location and ask to speak with the manager/owner about setting up the date of your fundraiser.

  2. After you schedule your fundraiser and present your non-profit tax ID number, you will receive a flyer to distribute to all of your supporters.

  3. Promote your fundraiser by using social media, email or other means of promotion.

  4. Distribute the flyer to your supporters and instruct them to bring the flyer on the day of your event.

  5. Your supporters must show their flyer upon purchasing their menu items.